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The Dirty Bits Podcast is performed by a professional voice actor who gives a casual -and hopefully comical- southern Californian retelling of the sexy, scandalous, and salacious stories from history your teacher probably left out. Whether it's Hans Christian Andersen's masturbation obsession, Jack Parsons bizarre mixture of NASA, the Occult, and Scientology,  or Catherine the Great's chairs embellished with phallic symbols, we're totes about to dish about it on The Dirty Bits and learn how the sexual drives of those who came before us shaped our world. 

Mar 6, 2019

Eva Peron was an actress, turned First Lady, turned activist, turned kind of saint. You’re going to hear the word “supposedly” A LOT in this episode. Like a lot a lot. Things are a little murky about her life, particularly before she married Juan Peron, the man who would become the 29th and 41st president of Argentina.

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